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Offering translation and interpretation services in over seventy-five languages and dialects, Language Link is uniquely positioned to be a resource to your business or agency in ways few others can. Our current list of languages can be viewed below. Additional languages are added without notice. Call us any time if the language(s) you need cannot be found.

Americas: Sign Language   English   French    Haitian-Creole    Portuguese   Spanish

Europe: English    Albanian    Armenian     Belgian   Czechoslovakian   Danish    Estonian   Finnish  Flemish   French    German   Greek   Hungarian   Italian    Irish-Gaelic  Luxembourgish   Norwegian
Polish   Portuguese   Romanian   Russian    Serbo-Croatian   Slovak   Slovenian   Spanish   Swiss Swedish   Ukrainian

Asia: Hmong   Chinese: Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hakka
Filipino-Tagalog   Gujarati   Hindi   Hmong    Indian   Japanese   Khmer   Korean    Laotian   Nepali   Mao Punjabi   Telugi   Thai   Vietnamese   Visayan

Africa and The Middle East: Amharic    Arabic   Bassa   Portuguese-Creole  English  Farsi   Hebrew K'Pele   Kru   Macedonian   Mandingo    Woloff   Persian   Syrian   Swahili    Turkish  Urdu   Yoruba


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